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How To Increase The Traffic To Your Website For Free

October 31st, 2013 No comments

Many people try to get traffic to their website by spending money on advertising, but a lacks of funds shouldn’t stop you.  You can get a lot of traffic and visitors to your website without spending a penny on advertising.  Shown below are the 6 main ways of increasing traffic to your website for free:

  1. Optimise your website to make it search engine friendly – Submit your website to search engines and directories.  Submit your website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN.  It is also a good idea to submit to directories that aren’t as well known.  You will boost your website rankings by listing your website in as many places as possible.
  2. Use keyword optimisation techniques – Your title, description head, and header html tags should be similar to the subject of your website.  Your main keywords should have a keyword density of 1-3% of your body text.  Search engines use these keywords to categorize your website and send relevant traffic over to your website.
  3. Let people know about the affiliate program you are promoting – You can submit it to affiliate program directories and you can contact the owners of related websites.
  4. Have a links page that will have links to other websites in your niche – You can contact website owners to set this up, so you will link to them and they will link to you in return.
  5. Posting In Forums – Go on to online discussion forum where people in tour niche like to talk to one another.  Answer people’s questions and be helpful.  Include your website link at the bottom of the bottom of your post and next to your name.  Do this in moderation so you don’t overdo it and people may not respect you and visit your website.
  6. Blog Commenting – Visit other blogs that are similar to yours.  Most of the blogs allow you to leave a comment about whatever is being discussed.  Add helpful advice and leave your links.

So there plenty of ways to increase the traffic to your website.  There are plenty more ways of getting traffic to your website.  Matt Lloyd the owner of My Online Business Empire set himself up for an experiment to get 10,000 leads in 100 days or less added to his email list.  He achieved his goal and managed to get 10,000 leads in 42 days in nearly half the target time.  Matt Lloyd has tried out a lot of these traffic sources to find out what works and what doesn’t so you can learn from Matt’s mistakes.  He has recorded everything including the keywords to target, where banner ads were placed and even the budget so you can do the same.

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I Made My First License Rights Sale With My Top Tier Business

October 31st, 2013 No comments

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Report Shows How To Earn $10K Per Month

October 29th, 2013 No comments

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Free Video On How To Get $1k, $3k and $5k Commissions

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