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Affiliate Bonus Domination Review

May 27th, 2013 No comments

Affiliate Bonus Domination is an Internet Marketing course which will show you how Matt Lloyd dominated major product launches and was in the top 10 of all affiliates.  He has beaten 13,000 other affiliates who were competing against him.  According to Matt Lloyd it isn’t rocket science it is actually quite easy.  Once you implement what Matt Lloyd teaches you in this course, you can set amazing results for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing is more competitive than it has ever been.  Some of the best product launches have more than 10,00 people promoting it. You can stand out from the crowd by offering a bonus package.  A bonus is relevant and additional information that is offered once a lead buys from your unique affiliate link.  You can make sales without a bonus but you will get more sales with a bonus.  Once you purchase Affiliate Bonus Domination Matt Lloyd will show you in the course how to create your own bonus.

You will get 7 modules showing you how to dominate product launches.  The course starts with showing you the different levels of Affiliate Marketing and how to move up the ranks to get more sales.  You will learn everything you need to know on to how to boost you sales with a bonus.  You will be shown how to pick a product launch in terms of one that will convert well to make you more sales.  You learn how to set up your auto responder so you know what days to send emails, how to get more people to open your emails even if they didn’t click the first time and roughly what to write in the emails you send.

Another important thing you learn is how to get traffic to your offer such as with Face book Pay Per Click and Banner Ads even with real examples of Advertisements so you can implement straight away.  This part of the module also covers capturing the leads so you can follow up with them.

For those on a low budget there is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.  With SEO you can get traffic for free but it will cost you a lot of time ranking your website high in the search engines.  Module 7 covers how to rank for your chosen keywords on page 1 of Google to bring you traffic and then more more sales.

So there is a lot of very useful information in Affiliate Bonus Domination.  To do well you have to take action.  So go find a product launch to promote and get to work by doing what you will have been shown in the course.

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My Email Marketing Empire

May 20th, 2013 No comments

My Email Marketing Empire is an Internet Marketing Course by Matt Lloyd that teaches you everything you need to know about monetizing an email list.  There’s no better feeling than when you send an email out to your list, recommending a good product, sitting back and then watch as you start getting sales and then commissions.  It will take some time to build your list but once you do it will become very profitable.  Email Marketing is the closest thing there is to Income on Demand.  There are 8 modules which teach all you need to know about Email Marketing.

Module 1 shows you how to lay the foundations covering topics such as what is Email Marketing, Choosing a market – its very important to pick a profitable market, getting set up with your Auto Responder and your Squeeze Pages and building your list.

Module 2 covers finding offers to promote to your list.  This module will show you several places you can go to find products to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Module 3 is on how to make more money from each email you send.  This module will show you the four main metrics of Email Marketing.  You will also learn how to make some incremental changes and then double the results of your Email Marketing.

Module 4 is about writing emails that sell.  The main topics covered are Copy writing, the six triggers of influence, developing your own swipe file and the 7 elements of emails that sell.

Module 5 is on segmenting your list.  So this covers what segmentation is, different types of segmentation and looking at case studies of well known marketers.

Module 6 shows you how to have big paydays with promoting product launches.  This module covers what product launches are and the reason they work so well, how to boost sales by creating your own bonus, Matt Lloyd will cover a case study of him promoting Get Traffic 3.0 and some other tips on how to make more money with Email Marketing.

Module 7 is on having big paydays promoting webinars.  This covers why webinars and why they are so effective, reviewing the main webinar conference systems, setting up your first webinar and having a look at a case study on a webinar.

The last module is all about the holistic approach to Email Marketing.  This last module will also cover additional communication channels you can use in your own Email Marketing.

So there is a lot of high quality content that is covered in My Email Marketing Empire.  What you learn wont mean anything unless you start taking action by implementing what you will be shown in the course.

So go ahead and get started by purchasing My Email Marketing Empire and I look forward to your success and seeing your testimonial.

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Discover How To Get Full License Rights to Matt Lloyd’s $314,900.29 / Month Business and make 90% Commissions

May 13th, 2013 No comments

This is the ultimate business in a box program.  When you buy this program you will get full license rights to Matt Lloyd’s $314,900.29 / month business as well as his products so you can market them as your own, for up to 90% commissions on the front end as well as 50% on the back end.  This is the program that will get you some really good paydays.

This is what you will get with the MOBE License Rights Program

  • My Email Marketing Empire – This is the product that led Matt to making his first $10,000 online and you can have it to do the exact same thing.  This can be sold for $194 and you get to keep 90% of the profit on this 8 videos and more than 87 pages digital course.  This has a value of $2997.
  • Matt Lloyd’s email capture pages and his 11 part follow up auto responder sequence.  This is the exact page Matt used to generate well over 112,000 leads as well as the exact auto responder sequence Matt has used to sell $100,000s worth of products you can copy and use right now.  This has a value of $1,997.
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – Matt Lloyd s first home study course which is a high profit course that teaches in over 10 hours of live case study on how to dominate product launches and winning $1,000s in cash prizes will be yours to make 90% commissions on.  This has a value of $5,997.
  • The O.P.T. Formula – This is the ultimate program on leveraging ‘Other Peoples Time’ by using effective outsourcing and building up million dollar teams.  This is by far Matt’s most utilized product which you can sell for $194.  This has a value of $5,994.
  • As a BONUS you get Matt’s complete one time offer Funnel – You get access to these 4 products that are listed above into the exact one time offer funnel Matt has used to sell tens of thousands of dollars.  By simply introducing people to just one product with this funnel you can potentially triple your products and earn up yo $591 per customer.  This has a value of $9,997.
  • Second BONUS – 3 * free traffic strategy calls which you get with Matt’s traffic strategy coaches to get you off to a fast start.  As each coach is really good at getting traffic, they can point you towards the traffic sources that can work for you the best.  Nothing is off limits and you can ask any question on anything you like.
  • You will also have the ability to earn $1,200 from all back-end sales and coaching programs.

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How to Build a Huge Money Making Email List

May 6th, 2013 No comments

Learn the secrets of how a 24 year old kid added 10,000 names to his email list in 42 days and earned $81,453 in commissions.  The whole thing has been recorded on camera so you can do the exact same thing.  This will help you avoid emptying your bank account on Pay Per Click Ads or even possibly wasting hours on Search Engine Optimization.  You will learn the secrets on how to have a steady stream of hungry buyers that will join your list every day who will buy your products or your affiliate products.  This also applies for you you if you have a small list or even no list as this method is about using only easy and proven methods.

Matt Lloyd the owner of this program set himself up for an experiment to get 10,000 leads in 100 days or less added to his email list.  He achieved his goal and managed to get 10,000 leads in 42 days in nearly half the target time.  He has recorded everything including the keywords to target, where banner ads were placed and even the budget so you can do the same.

The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before to get dirt cheap traffic that does convert in to subscribers and buyers.  Finding these kind of traffic sources is also easier today because of networks and legions of middle-men who want a piece of the action.  The bad news is that there are a lot of traffic sources and networks that are poorly managed.  Everyone wants a fee for displaying your ad somewhere whether it is a banner ad or a solo ad.  This is where Matt Lloyd deserves credit.  Matt Lloyd has tried out a lot of these traffic sources to find out what works and what doesn’t so you can learn from Matt’s mistakes.

At the end of the experiment Matt made over $81,000 even with some awful performing campaigns.  This tells you two things:

1. This system works
2. You can afford to lose money as there is so much winning involved

Also Matt will show you how to size up these campaigns for yourself so you can make your own decisions.  You also don’t have to copy Matt either as you can take templates of how Matt does it and tweak it to suit your own niche in whatever market it is you are promoting products.

The best part of the system is that:

1. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in
2. It work even better if your not in a make money niche
3. You can make this work on a low budget
4. You have more time as the traffic sources work for you displaying your  ads to the right leads

You will also get paid while you are building your list so you can continue growing your list and increasing your budget.  There are 5 easy steps to get started:

1. Sign up for the 100 day program. Go through the program and watch what Matt is doing and do the assignments.
2. Have a small budget ready for your testing.
3. Only spend your money on what Matt has already proven that works.
4. Set up your opt-in page to Matt’s specifications and make sure you sell something so you can make a profit right away.
5. Use your sales process, which Matt will also will guide you on, to get a steady stream of cash from your subscribers buying your products or affiliate products.
6. Wash and repeat while you start earning more commissions.

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