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Best Web Hosting UK

March 29th, 2013 No comments

One of the best web hosting providers in the UK is Hostgator.  There are many other web hosting providers in the UK but from my experience, this has been the best.  The Hostgator Baby plans start at $6.36 per month with 20% off and you get unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.  Below are the main advantages of the Hostgator Web Hosting service:

Hostgator is one of the top 10 biggest web hosting companies.  They are hosting more than 8,000,000 websites.  Hostgator has more than 850 employees to provide you support with anything you wish.  They provide hosting for Personal, Business and even Fortune 500 hosting.  All Hostgator plans come with a 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% up time guarantee and Hostgator Web Hosting is even fully guaranteed by the CEO himself.  Most questions will be answered by the support staff and just in case you have a problem with the support staff, you can ask to have a support ticket passed to Adam to get that special VIP attention that you deserve.

The main Web Hosting features are: Unlimited Disk Space, Easy to Use Control Panel and you get Unlimited Sub Domains, file Transfer Protocol Accounts and Email Accounts.

Hostgator provides a FREE BaseKit SiteBuilder as well as tools to build your website.  You get 4,500 FREE website templates, Free Website transfer of all your webs hosting files, MySQL Transfer and Script Transfer.  Hostgator will give you $100 Google Ad words offer, you pay $100 and they pay $75 back.

Hostgator comes with the latest cPanel Control Panel which offers website statistic such as SWStats to check how many visits your site is getting from lots of different options including how many clicks your website is getting, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs.  Fantastico gives you Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Forums and Form mail.  You get password protected directories as well as Custom Error Pages.  Other useful features are Web Based File Manager and Redirect URL.

Hostgator provides many Email features like unlimited POP3 Email accounts, web mail access using several different email clients, you can receive your email to your phone and also unlimited Auto responders and Mailing Lists.

One of the best features of Hostgator is the award winning support you get.  There is 24/7/365 support via Email, phone and live chat, automatic weekly backups of your website’s files and there are over 500 video tutorials and more than 680 help articles.

So Hostgator does have a lot of very useful features and is one of the best Web Hosting Providers out there.  Currently if you buy Web Hosting you can get $9.94 of your web hosting plan for FREE.  Use the coupon code: 994coupondiscount.

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Search Engine Optimization Package

March 27th, 2013 No comments

Search engine optimization packages can skyrocket your website to the top of the rankings in the search engines.  One of the best search engine optimization packages is SEOPressor.  SEOPressor is mainly used to improve your on page SEO.  SEOPressor is already powering more than 15 million pages and the number is growing everyday.  Here is how SEOPressor can help you:

SEOPressor monitors the keywords on your website and it continuously make suggestions.  It tells you the the level of keyword density you need in your posts, the type of formatting required for your keywords, exact placement of your keywords, content length, images, internal and external links.

The program monitors the heading tags you have used and recommends that you use a H1, H2 and H3 heading tags for your main keyword and carries this out automatically.

Another useful feature is that SEOPressor has a look at individual posts and tells you what is needing to be changed to increase your ranking for that particular keyword.  It also tells you the value of each post.

A new feature with SEOPressor 5 is the over optimization check which scans your website to see if it has been over optimised.  The program tells you to change certain components to get your website back to an optimal score within 85-100%.  Less than 85% is underoptimised and more than 100% is overoptimised.  Pages with optimal SEO scores tend to rank higher which results in higher search engine rankings.

SEOPressor automatically ads OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to the pages in your source code.  This allows Google to see more relevance of your content on your web site and help to increase your search engine rankings.  Facebook OpenGraph and Twittercard tages basically describe what your content is about.

The program automatically adds both internal and external links which you can specify and this helps increase the navigation within the website as well as the crawl ability and user experience.  It is very convenient for the client to include internal and external links for specific keywords.  You pick which keyword you would like linked.  This saves time and effort as SEOPressor does it for you, you set it once and SEOPressor will link each keyword every time a new post is written.  This also helps to reduce bounce rates because SEOPressor helps with site navigation and linking infrastructure of the website.

So SEOPressor is a search engine optimization package which is like having your very own SEO expert sitting there with you helping you out.  SEOPressor has many useful features that will help you to increase your rankings in the search engines.  You can purchase SEOPressor for a time fee of $47 for a single site license.  You will also get free life time support, top priority support and a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Search Engine Marketing Strategies

March 26th, 2013 No comments

Why are Search Engine Marketing Strategies so Important?

As times change, new forms of technology help businesses find appropriate leads.  Some companies might be intimidated by the changing marketing techniques.  However, for a company to stay competitive, they must take advantage of every tool available.  Since a lot of people are now shopping online search engine marketing strategies have become one of the important ways for companies to get more leads and sales.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is an advertising technique which businesses use to increase their rankings in the search engines for specific keywords.  First companies analyse specific keywords to determine how much traffic keywords get and based on a level of competition the company can compete with.  This helps in promotional campaigns to determine the most profitable keywords for a company.  Once a keyword has been chosen, Search Engine experts carry out techniques to make sure that people find out about the company by typing in keywords into search engines.  The following strategies are used by marketers to increase their rankings:

Search Engine Optimization: With Search Engine Optimisation marketing strategy companies employ several techniques to associate their websites with specific keywords. There are on-page and off-page search engine optimization methods.  A company might include text on a site’s homepage their chosen keywords with an ideal keyword density.  Also what other companies do is submit articles on websites such as GoArticles and EZineArticles to create back links which helps increase Search Engine Ranking.

Popular Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC advertising is one of the most popular ways for increasing a web site’s search engine ranking.  Companies with high traffic sell advertising space on the websites based on certain keywords.  Advertisers are required to pay for impressions when someone has visited their website.  PPC helps helps companies generate leads as well as build their rank in the search engines.  PPC is considered to be one of the more efficient types of search engine marketing strategies.

Paid Inclusion in Search Engines – There are search engines that sell advertising space inside of their results.  This works by the marketer paying a search engine for getting getting their website listed high in the search engine ranking for a specific keyword.  This helps by associating a certain website with specific keywords.

As more and more people are shopping online search engine marketing strategies are very useful for today’s businesses.  Wireless technology is very convenient in so modern businesses can employ methods to reach out to new leads on the Internet.

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Mass Email Marketing Software

March 25th, 2013 No comments

Mass Email Marketing Software such as Get Response is the world’s easiest email marketing.  I use it to create and send newsletters and manage my contact lists.  Get Response is currently offering a 30 day free trial to use as you wish and there is no credit card required.  Click here for a trial of Get Response for 30 days.

Below are the top 10 features of Get Response:

  1. Get Response has a drag and drop email creator.  There are over 350 pre designed templates which you can drag and drop to suit your own brand.  You can also send the newsletter at whatever time you want and exactly the same time locally.
  2. Get Response offers 16 options to import contacts and to grow your list.  You can import contacts from software on your PC, import from mail clients and you can import contacts from social networking services such as Google Plus.
  3. There are over 300 industry templates to suit your business.  This way you can make your subscribers feel special when they receive your newsletters by professionals and can be customized to match your product or service.  You can choose the colors that suit you best, include your brand logo, insert links and add images videos and files.
  4. Get Response has the all-new RSS-to-Email which means you can publish your blog posts in the most powerful online channels in one go.  You can automatically share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they are published to get more traffic to your blog or your product website.
  5. Get Response offers one click inbox preview – This is the ultimate tool for a pre-flight check to all your newsletters.  This Simple click inbox preview will show you the real time view of your message in all the main email clients.  This saves carrying out manual checks and ensures your newsletter renders correctly in all email inboxes.  This feature also works for mobile devices such as the Apple IPhone, IPad and Android too.
  6. Intuitive Email Intelligence which is the easiest, smartest and most advanced email analytics tool.  You can segment your lists based on your leads engagement in terms of opens and clicks to optimize the relevance of your campaigns.  You can resend emails with different subject lines to leads who did not open your email.
  7. Get Response offers Integrated Social Sharing which allow you to place social icons n your emails with one move, boost sharing and your fans engagement.
  8. 99.5% Deliverability rate – Get Response has one of the highest delivering rate of emails which means all your emails should get sent out.
  9. Mobile App – The mobile app for Get Response means you can access this mass email marketing software wherever you are and whenever you want.
  10. 1000+ free istockphoto images – This allows you to create lovely newsletters of exceptional quality and you can get images from the Get Response photo collection.

So Get Response has many features that can help you if you looking for mass email marketing software.  Get Response really is the word’s easiest email marketing.

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Why Do Most Network Marketers Fail?

March 21st, 2013 No comments

Why most network marketers fail to have a successful online business.  Network Marketing can be simple, but the old way i.e. cold calling is really difficult.  Don’t kid yourself.

Let me explain why Network Marketing is notorious for having a 95% or higher failure rate?  Have your ever heard of Occam’s razor?  It states the simplest explanation for a phenomenon is usually the best.  This is the theory that will be used to explain why more than 95% or more network marketers fail.

One of the reasons why most network marketers fail is because the marketing methods they are taught don’t work 95% or more of the time.  So this leads onto the next logical question what are most network marketers taught?  Well what they are taught is to buy and cold call leads.  I am not going to say this doesn’t work but after hearing from other people after 6 months of cold calling leads for 3 hours a day with very little success this tactic doesn’t work that well.  Unless you are a natural born confident sales leader going into your network marketing career you will probably end up having the same results.  There are some people out there who are really good at cold calling but most are not.

What happens to most people after they have spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on leads with very little success after months of effort? They run out of money, they get burned out and end up giving up.

Another important reason as to why most network marketers fail is because of the type of leads they buy.  What difference does the type of leads make to the network marketer?  Business Opportunity leads.  The leads most network marketers are told to use are generic.  The leads answers an ad that just asks them if they want to be financially free or make money from home.  Well obviously they do but they do not want anything to do with joining your network marketing program.

When the average network marketer calls these generic business opportunity leads the leads don’t know anything about the network marketer’s business and for the most part actually don’t care.  This is what leads the network marketer hearing a lot of NOs.  Hearing no all the time leads to a lot of self doubt about the network marketer’s own ability and the validity of their association with their network marketing company.  The network marketer ends up with negative negative feelings and will usually quit within 3-6 months.  The network marketer’s perception of their business goes from one of opportunity to one of complete doubt and negativity.   Reality follows perception, so because the network marketer believes both themselves and their business as having little hope this becomes true.  This is one of the biggest reasons why most network marketers fail.

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