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1 Thing You Must Offer Or You Will Lose money

Can you imagine a hamburger join that doesn’t sell fries?  What do think you would do if you went to McDonald’s, you had your heart set on a Burger, Fries, Coke-Cola and then you were amped to super size this bad-boy with your credit card in hand.  Then you find out, there are no fries.  You get your Burger but there are no other options.

If you are like myself you would walk out of this store and go somewhere else that does offer what you want.  However most businesses in our industry that are trying to make it, all they offer is the main course.  There are:

  • No sides
  • No super-sizing
  • No deluxe Burger with bacon and cheese
  • No other options apart from a plain burger

Just like a good meal, online, your customers want a good product mix also.  You should have introductory offers, offers in the mid-range, done for you offers and high ticket offers.  If you aren’t selling high ticket offers then your customers will go to someone who is selling high ticket offers.  Many people have painfully experienced this happening.  You do the hard work of getting the lead or sale and someone else reaps the rewards just because they were offering it.

You do need to have the right high ticket offers and tiered product mix.  You need to know how to position them in order to get high ticket sales easily, hands-free and consistently.  This is exactly where MTTB comes in.  Go through the 21 steps, learn the training and apply it and dig into the bonus advanced traffic modules as well.  The best part about the system is that you will see how the MTTB team and the system will sell high ticket offers for you and you still get the commissions.  Of course they get a small fee but you get the big bucks.  This is a serious business folks and this is a business which has already paid out more than $5 million to it’s partners.  That could be you getting a big slice out of this when you join MTTB and start promoting.

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