How 30 Seconds Of Reading Can Change Your Future

February 28th, 2017 No comments

If you stopped doing what you’re doing right now for 30 seconds, what could you accomplish?  Depending on where you are in your home, you might be able to get a glass of water, you could probably stretch a little bit, maybe you could put your phone on the charger but you can’t really go anywhere.  No matter how quickly you read, you won’t get very far in a book or article.  You can’t even heat up leftover food in a microwave in 30 seconds.  When an ad plays for 30 seconds on T.V. or online before you watch a video, it seems like your day is wasted.  Even if we barely accomplish anything in 30 seconds, ads are still a waste of our time unless they are expertly designed.

That’s the challenge that advertisers have been trying to overcome for centuries and most of them have failed.  As soon as we know we are watching an ad, no matter how short it is, we automatically turn our attention somewhere.  The good news is that since so many people fail at creating decent ads, the ones that are good are like an oasis in the desert.  Visible and unforgettable.  Now you have the opportunity to join a company that has cracked the code on online advertising open so wide that you can be earning 6 figures from your own computer in just a year by using their system.

It’s called MTTB.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the advertising business for years or have been cleaning houses all your life, the MTTB system is simple and effective enough to turn any computer into an income earning machine.  Want to learn more about MTTB?  Simply click below and read for 30 seconds.  The chances are that you won’t want to stop reading after that.

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Not Growing Your Profits As Fast As You Want?

May 27th, 2017 No comments

Works even if you’re starting from scratch.  This plan works whether your plan is to be scaling from $0 to $10k months or from $10k to $100k to $1 mill months.  Here’s how, if you were flipping through the pages of NIKE founder’s awesome book, Show Dog.  You’d stumble across a section where Phil Knight talks about “The plan.”

Knight was doubling and tripling his biz year after year so fast that his bankers thought growth like this was risky.  He didn’t listen.  They only speed he knew was full throttle, full steam ahead.  Swoosh.  Anyhow, a little ways half through the book, he keys us into his strategy.  He first hints at it by talking about competition except, he said when you compete with others, you can quickly win or lose then it’s basically game over, either way, right?
Shoe Dog realised that you can always compete against yourself.  Got that?  By competing against himself, this allowed him to grow revenue like nobody’s business.  Not the first time I’ve heard about this either.One of my mentors, Matt Lloyd dishes out the same sage advice all the time.  It’s exactly how he grew from $700 months working from a leaky, mouldy spare bedroom.  To now running a business that brings in 7 figure months and has generously paid out over $80 million so far to his partners.

He even just purchased and renovated his own resort in Costa Rica (Sunset Del Mar) just so he can meet up and mastermind with his partners and do some fun stuff together.  Matt would love to have you there.

Anyhow, powerful stuff, huh?  So, what’s the secret?  Your little one on one competitions with yourself needs to be something you can track because only what is tracked gets improved.

Making sense?:

  • If you get 100 leads this month, aim for 200 next month.
  • If you have 1 ad up this month, have 3 up and running next month.
  • If you made 8 offers that could lead to sales this month, make 20 next month.

Offers could be made VIA email, SMS, Webinars etc.  Just by beating your own #s by a bit more month after month, you’ll be amazed at how fast your profits can increase.  You could be hitting up to $1k, $5k, $10k paydays so fast and so often, you’ll have to buy a pair of NIKE AIR’s for you business.  The main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on in your online business is lead flow.  The more qualified leads rolling in, the more opportunities for sales you have every day.

That’s why this system works so well with the plan in today’s note.  You’ll be focusing on increasing your leads and the rest is done for you.  Cool?  Are you ready to scale up to consistent paydays?  Yes, I’m ready to hear more.

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These Homeless Guys Know What They’re Doing

May 26th, 2017 No comments

I recently wrote about the best sales copy I had seen all month and this on a homeless man’s sign.  That jogged my memory and today, I want to share a couple more with you plus some insights: #1 – “Let’s Do Lunch – U Buy.”  This one brings up the idea of “Companionship” which literally means one with whom you share bread.  In one stroke, he ironically acknowledges their economic inequality.  They are likely to never share lunch as well as the equality they share by virtue of a common humanity.

#2 – “Please help a drunk get drunker” – Rather than avoid the common objection to handing cash to homeless people, this guy plunged straight into it.  This is a counter-intuitive approach to cultivating ethos and pathos.

Aristotle said, in his book on Rhetoric, that we naturally trust people who:

  • Do not hide their motives
  • Make us feel uncomfortable and unthreatened

He concedes the moral high ground at the same time that he appeals to our sympathy.  These two men also broke through the noisy “Gimme-a-dollar” barrage that characterises our economised world.

Rather than shy away, these two got smart.  There is a way.  Learn smart marketing from pros on the cutting edge at MTTB.

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How To Sniff Out A Scam Artist

May 25th, 2017 No comments

For whatever reason, probably because of my line of work, my Facebook page gets bombarded with self help ads.  Greasy twenty-somethings who have read a couple of books on business leadership and try to pass as consultants.  The Internet is slick with greasy millennials trying to juke the job market and hard work by posing as experts in fields they’ve never worked in.  People fall for it.

Here is your three step guide for sniffing out grease ball gurus.  When you see their ads, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Will it cost me? – Some posers lead with a “Free trial,” collect your credit card info and cross their fingers you don’t cancel your payment or they’ll charge you 99 cents.  A real opportunity with real value costs something upfront.
  2. Will it work? – If they cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their program will work for you, they don’t deserve a dime of your money.  The 21 step MTTB system is a results machine.  It works if you work it.  Click below for dozens of success stories.
  3. Are they wildly successful? – Who cares if they’ve been in business for 20 years or if they’re the newest, hottest thing.  The question you need to ask is, are they getting steadily bigger?

MTTB has shelled out $20,000,000 plus in commissions since 2008.  Well, that’s the test, how did we do?

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3 Ways This Homeless Man Nails Copywriting

May 24th, 2017 No comments

The best sales copy I’ve seen all month was on a homeless man’s sign.  It read: “Only if you can.”  Notice three brilliant ways this four word phrase broke through the noise and burned itself in my memory:

  1. Power of suggestion – He never made the actual task.  People are more likely to trust conclusions they arrive at themselves and this man let the passers by realise for themselves that it was an ask.
  2. Demonstrated concern – Markets are more likely to trust marketers when they feel they have truly been understood.  By treating his ‘Market’ with dignity, he has a better chance of being treated with dignity himself.
  3. Focus on ability – If his ‘Market’ considers whether they can, they enter a mental space where it is easier for them to consider what he can do.  They are more likely to be moved by his poverty after considering their own relative “Poverty.”
Words matter and sales is a science.  Just because big companies have big marketing divisions doesn’t mean they’re any good.  Let’s get you outfitted with the most humanly insightful marketing savvy we’ve got and build you into the most compelling marketer you’ve ever met.

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Do You Get These Emails Too?

May 23rd, 2017 No comments

I’ve recently received a string of emails with a one word subject line: “Opportunity.”  I don’t know about you but people fall for these every time.  The attention perks up for a moment wondering who could be reaching out and what for.  Turns out that it’s some networking start up.  One that hasn’t learned from Dinosaurs like LinkedIn that no generalised professional network site will ever hold a candle to image driven social media.

I never try to sucker anyone into an ambiguous “Opportunity” if I couldn’t proceed to explain the system in it’s entirety, demonstrate it’s track record and answer any and all questions immediately.

With MTTB, we will:

  • Build you a website
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Make all your phone sales
  • Fulfil all your customer orders
  • Field all customer service calls

You work with one of our business coaches through our rigorous, 21 step system and erect passive income streams at the $1,000/mo, $5000/mo, and $9000/mo level.  This is a real opportunity, friend.

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