Would An Extra $10k Help Before The Holidays?

September 20th, 2017 No comments

For most, this season and 2018 will be no different that their last five.  The Steve Miller Band had it right: “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future…”  This year has zoomed by hasn’t it?  Before we know it, it’s going to be the holiday season and that will be quickly followed by the New Year 2018.  How will you arrive?

Feels pretty good to be ahead of the game, right:

  • Paying bills weeks before they’re due.
  • Having a vacation planned and paid for months in advance.
  • Being in decent shape before summer time hits etc

Most will hit the holiday season and instead of it being a time of joy, it will be filled with stress even depression for many, sad to say.  Then they’ll rush off and write down a page full of New Year’s Resolutions and will be feeling even worse as they’ve abandoned most of them within the first week or two.

Again, how will you and I arrive?  How will we be different?  How would it feel to already be hitting your #1 resolutions?  The ones that could change your life dramatically for the better?  How would it feel to have your online side business already rolling a few checks up to $10k your way before the new year?  It would give you a great start to 2018, right?

Money would help with presents and what not between now and December.  Maybe even help relieve some of the season’s anxieties and stresses.  The time to start is today.  Tomorrow may only equal more and more stress because “Tomorrow” can turn into November, December and it’s already the new year.

I hope this helps.

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Income And Lifestyle Without Worrying It Won’t Work Out

October 20th, 2017 No comments

Escape the 9-5 and join the new rich, safely.  I know the potential stress.  If you have a j-o-b or some other income you rely on even if you don’t love what you’re doing, you may feel some burden that if you quit and try something different what if it doesn’t work out like you planned?  Even though a paycheck is rarely if ever guaranteed, you could be laid off w/little notice, many start sweating if they don’t see a payday headed their way every two weeks.

Well, there’s a few powerful workarounds to this.  One, you don’t have to quit, point blank.  Do it when you’re comfortable enough to say good bye to the 9-5 grind and daily jaunt to work.  A lifestyle business like I run can be easily done part time and on the side even with a job or other obligations.

When you’ve been socking away $10k a month for 3, 4, 5 months?  Then it may not be so hard to squeeze the trigger and pull a Jerry Maguire in the office, right?  Below are the steps to join the new rich and quit your job:

  1. Follow a system like this
  2. Let it bring you amazing results
  3. Then say goodbye to the 9-5 when you feel it’s the right time for you to do so

I hope this helps you.

New Tip From Tony Robbins For You

October 19th, 2017 No comments

Eliminates setbacks and increases your daily online income by leaps and bounds.  Picture the scene, Pristine Fiji, several business moguls are present.  They’re helping businesses and entrepreneurs experience bigger breakthroughs.  There’s a great tool that Tony Robbins shared at this recent event which I wanted to share with you in today’s blog post.  With out fail, after any event Tony puts on, he asks two questions:

  1. What went right?
  2. What can we do better next time?

Sounds simple?  Yet, this is very powerful in many ways because you’re able to build on what’s working and eliminate what isn’t.  Nothing here labels us as failures, right?  This simple exercise causes breakthrough after breakthrough in businesses.  You can apply it to any piece of your life.  For e.g. Let’s say you’ve set out a plan to get 3 new front end sales every day, you invest in advertising and you get 100 new leads and 1 sale.  There’s 2 short of your goal.  It’s basically a 1% conversion rate at this point as 100 leads = 1 sale.  So, at the end of the day, you can ask two questions:

  1. What went right?  Well you got 100 new leads and one sale came in.  That’s pretty good.
  2. What can we do better next time?  You could increase your ad investment so you’re getting 300 leads.  That should bring your target of 3 sales or you could try to improve your offer so you’re getting 3% conversion rate.  Then you’re getting 3 sales out of every 100 leads, right?

See how this works so well?  Then the next day, after you implement this, you ask the same quick questions again.  Before you know it, you’ve made many, many easy, daily interactions to your business and you’ll have experienced one financial breakthrough after another.  Cool little tool, right?

I hope this helps.  In regards to our example of the leads here, that’s one of the core focuses that should always be on your mind in this business.  The business I’ve partnered up with?  They’ll give you a few simple ways to generating consistent daily leads.  Then they do all the follow up, selling and product delivery for you.  It’s great.  Are you open to joining me?

Yes, tell me more.  I’m ready to build my online income up by doing more of what’s working and making small daily improvements on what I can do better. 

By using these two questions each day and by following this A-B-C step by step system to fantastic income, you can be up to $10,000 in the next 30-90 days if you are committed and stick with it.  When will you be ready to join us?

I’m in.

Trying To Get Things Too Perfect Before You Start?

October 18th, 2017 No comments

Every time he tried to make it better and he felt and more like he was being judged.  There’s a quote from Maria Shriver: “Perfectionism doesn’t make you feel perfect, it makes you feel inadequate.”  There was a college study a while back in art class where they were they were working with clay.  One group of students were required to work on and turn in their one finest piece of art to be graded on for the semester.  The other group was required to create something like 200lbs worth of art.  Didn’t matter what it looked like.  They just needed to put in the creating time.

At the end of the study, by far, the student’s that were just creating, lb after lb had the most rewarding experience and they had created the best looking art pieces.  The other group was stressed.  They were locked in to perfectionist syndrome trying to get one piece perfect.  They were white knuckling it the entire experience.  Not fun.
So, what’s the takeaway in today’s blog post?  Produce and don’t be perfect.  Income and fulfilment are thee reward of movement and actions.  Not perfection.  Just start.  Create and have fun.  If you’re open to it?  This is something you can get started on right away.

Yes, I won’t let perfectionism hold me back another day.  I see that it’s just another form of procrastination.  After you’re logged in, you’ll see.  This doesn’t require you to be perfect or need experience.  You’ll just need to display a willingness to sit down and create with us.  Take care.  I’m off to get my hands dirty in the clay which may result in the income and lifestyle I desire and deserve.  You do too.  That’ll be a masterpiece in my book.  Yours too?

What Will The Extra Income Truly Mean To You And Your Family?

October 17th, 2017 No comments

Embrace the suck and you’ll be well on your way to $10,000 months and beyond.  I’m not sure if you’re a runner or not but a marathon is 26.2 miles.  It’s a constant on many people’s bucket lists.  I’d venture to say that not a single soul is enjoying mile #20 out of a race.  There’s likely a lot of moments leading up to the race they didn’t enjoy so much either, right?  The early morning long runs and the sore legs and feet.  Also sacrificing family time.  Then rinse and repeat.

So, why do so many want it?  It’s the achievement and the accomplishment crossing the finish line and getting the medal at the end.  Building a business can be very, very similar.  Expect there to be ups and downs  Moments of pain and moments of pleasure.  Knowing it’s a part of the journey for everyone should help.  It’s not just you.  Embrace the suck and push the mile twenties.

What will make it worth all the effort?  Make sure the end goal is worth it to you.  It may be the extra income but what will that income mean to you?  What will it allow you to do more fully?  What stresses will it help eliminate?  With that vision emblazoned across your mind, write it down.  Look at it every day.  Let it push through the training, through the race and straight through the finish line.  You’ve got this.  I’ve got your back.  If you’re looking for a solid plan to follow along and succeed with:

I think this may help.

Each day you’re not in the race running is another day of missed income.  When will you be ready to lace up your shoes and start jogging with me?  Right now, you’re even getting your own coach.

Ok, on that basis, I’m in.

It’s Not Seksy But It Makes Cash

October 16th, 2017 No comments

One thing to consider in getting your business off the ground which doesn’t sound so seksy or anything is this: Feasibility and profitability.  So, let me explain for a sec.  Is your product or idea feasible to get off the ground in the next few months?  Or will it take years to get it rolling?  If so, I’d drop it like a hot potato.  What’s the investment required for you to successfully bring your idea or project to fruition?  What will you have to learn, do and accomplish to reach your end goal?  Do you truly have all the time and resources plus the willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes to pull it off?

Here’s the definition of feasibility: Feea-si-bil-i-ty/fēzəˈbilədē.  Noun: Feasibility.  The state or degree of being easily or conveniently done: “The feasibility of a mannered flight to Mars.”  So, can your project easily be done?  Or is it going to be as difficult as getting a man on Mars?  Not to dissuade you from your goals but I personally choose the easier path.  This goes hand in hand with profitability.

How quickly can you get to job replacing revenues, decent incomes you can live from and then scale it up to 6 figures plus?  A year?  Two or three?  You aren’t sure?  If you worked around the corner at a part time job, you’d want a paycheck pretty soon, correct?  Maybe after a little training at least every two weeks?

So, just my thoughts.  If you can’t make a decent income in 30-90 days?  I’d at the very minimum park that idea in the garage and maybe get back to it another time.  I hope this helps you out.  I’m not sure if this is a good fit for you but many students have found this to be a very feasible and profitable choice for them and their families.

Yes, I’m ready to see if this can be feasible and profitable for me too.

You’ll see how this has worked amazingly well for other members from all walks of life and from all ages, young and old alike.  How long are you willing to wait to become the next online success story?  Remember, it doesn’t have to be as hard as flying to Mars.  You can take the easier path right now.

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