I’d Be Shocked If You Haven’t Seen This Yet

July 4th, 2017 No comments

I would be completely surprised if you haven’t seen this controversial footage yet.  It’s been all over the Internet.  It’s already been viewed hundreds and even thousands of times.  In fact, I’d be shocked if you haven’t atleast heard about it.  That said, it’s simply too important for you to miss.

So, just to be 100% sure you’ve seen it, please click this link to view it now.

However, I must warn you, I don’t know how much longer it’ll be online.  So, you’ll have to hurry.

Click this link to watch it before it gets taken down.

How Doing Things Right Can Make You Money?

August 22nd, 2017 No comments

There’s not a more popular writer than George R.R. Martin right now.  He has a huge fan base that is loyal to a fault.  His books are gobbled up in the millions every time they are published.  His books are so well written that he is compared to Tolkien but he had all that before his books were adapted into the most popular T.V. show on earth which is Game of Thrones.

Then popularity of his book skyrocketed.  Now Martin’s fan base is made up of not only readers but also a wider range of viewers.  There is rarely an episode of Game of Thrones that doesn’t flood the Internet with stories about who died or what happened after it airs.

It takes Martin awhile to write his books though so long that some of his fans criticize him for making them wait.  That’s why when he announced that his newest book was going to be released behind schedule, it was expected that people would be angry but they weren’t.

Martin’s fans told him to take his time and make sure that he did his best work instead of worrying about deadlines.  He is such a talented writer in a day and age when people can’t sit still for two seconds without pulling out there phones, his fans told him to take his time.  They don’t mind waiting as long as what he puts out to the standards of his last books.  It’s because Martin has a style that works.  It works so well that people don’t care about waiting to read it.  They just want to read it.

Now, unless you are a fan then you may be thinking this blog post just wasted your time but it didn’t.  It’s your key to a system that works just as well as Martin’s at making you money.  It’s called MTTB and it has made people just like you over $25 million in commissions by simply working from their own computer.

Click here to learn more about MTTB.

Make Sure You Do This If You’re Leads Are Not Buying

August 21st, 2017 No comments

If leads aren’t buying, could you be making this critical, common mistake?  Want to avoid years of frustration and needlessly banging your head against the wall as you get to a solid income?  Crazy yet, I see this far too often.  Are you ready?  Don’t market to broke people!  How are they going to pay you?  With the lint in their pockets?  It makes things way, way, harder for you than it should be.  Think of it this way, a realtor specialises in luxury homes that carries an investment of at least one million on average.  Is she going to waltz up to the unemployment office?  Posting up flyers and passing out her business cards to people waiting in line?

No, she’s going to go where her market is and market to people that have the means to start and the ability to move in.  It could be people that already own a $1 million house or have a high end income on the market.  It could be based on their job title and annual income.  There’s lots of criteria you could look at, right?  This is no harder.  It just means talking to the right people who can afford what you’ve got.  Sounds silly that they’d market to those in the unemployment lines right?  Well, remember that because far too often people don’t see how this applies in their online business.  Then they wonder why they’re struggling.

I hope this helps.  Are you not sure where you’re at right now but I’m focusing on high ticket commissions when it’s a fit for folks and you can get started and up to speed on things starting out with an investment of $49 right now.

Go here to get started. 

A bonus tip for you is how you talk to your market dictates who you attract as well.  If you compare your business with some $7 affiliate program, think who you will attract.  The business I run is a franchise like business.  One with out all the headaches.  You don’t have to buy property and hire employees.  When you compare it with your typical franchise and lifestyle this one can give you?  Now, it’s seen an the absolute bargain many feel and experience it being.

Scary Feeling To Invest In An Opportunity?

August 20th, 2017 No comments

Should we listen to our fears?  Or feel the fear and do it anyway?  Here’s the tip.  We work hard for our money and if you’re like me?  I watch over my money like a mother duck watches over it’s ducklings.  I’m careful where I spend and what I invest in.  However, if you’re looking to break out the masses, the humdrum life of mediocrity that most are stuck in, investments are often required.

We want to make sure we’re making a sound investment when we do.  So, after we’ve weighed the pros and cons and have seriously looked at an opportunity?  There’s a very powerful phenomena that occurs when you decide to go for it.  That’s this.  Usually, our commitment matches our investment.  Does this make sense?  If you invest $9.95 for a how to guide.  You don’t too much commitment or pressure to use that information, right? Information that could change your life.  It just gathers digital dust.

Yet, if you’ve just invested $20k into something?  You better believe you’ll put it to good use right away.  It raises the stakes.  Your commitment level is at it’s highest point.  Often, that’s what it takes to get us to make the change we need to be making.  Cool little side effect, isn’t it?  It’s a major.

Here’s what I’m committed to.  Are you open to checking it out and joining me?

If you’ve been on the fence, I hope today’s blog post helps.  It comes straight from my heart.  I just don’t want a benefit holding you back from the lifestyle you completely, 100% deserve.

Day Job Killer With A New Mindset

August 19th, 2017 No comments

Replaces dead end jobs in a snap.  You can’t experience a Day Job Killer aka firing your boss with a day job mindset replacing your job income and scaling up to $10k months and beyond requires a different set of skills and mindset especially if you want the income with the lifestyle:

  • It’s not about the hours you clock in
  • It’s not about how hard you grind
  • It’s not about wearing stuffy suits

It is about tapping into leverage points available to you right now.  It is about working smart.  It is about designing life and work on your terms.  Accepting no less than you deserve.  That’s a great place to start.  Right now, spend a few minutes and write out in detail you ideal typical perfect day.  This could be:

  • When would you wake with or w/o an alarm clock?
  • What sheets would you be wrapped in?  Egyptian cotton?  Silk?
  • What type of floors your feet would hit as you hop out of bed?  Bamboo?  A plush rug?
  • What would your morning look like?
  • Your lunch?
  • When would it be quitting time?
  • How would you spend your day and evening with your friends and family?

Put it all down to the finest detail you can.  Fold it up and stick it safely in a drawer.

Then go here asap. 

Just like driving a car.  Focus on where you want to go and not on the obstacles.  Cool?  I hope this helps.  Read this blog post out again in 6 months.  Read it again and prepare to be amazed.

Flips The Funnel So Big Paydays Roll Your Way From Day 1

August 18th, 2017 No comments

The uncommon path to income online.  This may seem counterintuitive to everything you’ve ever heard about generating a fantastic income online.  Maybe, that’s why it works so well.  Your typical advice and what people even the gurus typically know how to do is to:

  • Put together a great freebie known as a lead gen or tripwire or welcome mat in exchange for your email address.
  • Offer value and turn that free lead into a $7, $27, $47 or $97 customer
  • From there it’s up the value ladder until eventually you get to higher ticket offers for consulting and coaching etc.

The problem is?  If you’re aiming to replace your income or to get an income that will fund your ideal lifestyle and as fast as possible?  It’s harder than performing brain surgery on yourself because of all the work in front of your to do and to figure out.

It becomes hard as nails to do when you’re only getting low ticket sales, right?  Want to know the solution?  The counterintuitive path?  What if you flipped this whole funnel upside down on top of it’s complicated little head and started at the end, first?  You’re getting up to $10,000 sales hitting your job replacing income right away.  Then you can build down from the top of the income tower.

I hope this is making sense?  It’s like deciding to take a vacation cross-country and rather than taking the car, you’ve decided the easier route of just flying there 1st class.  Nothing wrong with either route but I prefer to fly towards my goals and ideal lifestyle over taking the slow and tough route.

This gives you the means to accomplish this, starting today.  It’s a giant step to putting you in the right direction.  Take the advice and roll with it yourself or check this out right away.  Either way is fine by me.

Yes, show me how to flip the funnel and start with the big paydays up to $10k first with out creating the typical funnel.